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Experience the Latest in Hair Extension Trends with Beaded Weft Hair Extensions in Hyderabad

Introducing the sought-after Micro Beads, we are proud to offer Micro Bead Hair Extensions – the perfect solution for achieving longer and more voluminous hair effortlessly. An affordable alternative to fusion extensions, these extensions come equipped with a micro loop tool, ensuring a hassle-free and time-saving application.

True to their name, Beaded Weft Hair Extensions are hair wefts adorned with beads, offering attachment through these beads. This method stands out for its natural-looking results, making it an ideal choice for women with thick hair. Unlike other extension methods, Beaded Weft Hair Extensions require no tape, glue, or heat for attachment, providing a glue-free solution for adding length or volume.

Among the cold fusion methods, Beaded Weft Hair Extensions shine with a keratin-based glue that effortlessly attaches to natural hair using ultrasound waves. This invisible bond ensures durability, less noticeable attachment points, and zero damage to the natural hair. The application is quick, comfortable, and painless, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a hassle-free experience.

Hair Replacement| Hair wigs| Tape Hair Extension | Hair Weaving | Hair Patch | Hair Extension
Hair Replacement| Hair wigs| Tape Hair Extension | Hair Weaving | Hair Patch | Hair Extension

During installation, small portions or strands of hair are looped and compressed through microbeads, ensuring a stress-free and mess-free application. The extensions can be adjusted and moved up as needed, covering regrown portions of hair every four to six weeks. The silicone inside the link protects the natural hair, preventing damage during the adjustment and removal process. A skilled professional can apply Beaded Weft Hair Extensions within an hour.

  • No use of tape, glue, chemicals, or heat during installation.
  • Zero damage to natural hair.
  • Wide variety of lengths, textures, and colors available.
  • Provides varying levels of thickness.
  • Allows experimentation with different hair colors.
  • Natural hair growth is undisturbed.
  • Painless application process.
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  • Opt for sulfate-free and alcohol-free hair products.
  • Brush extensions gently, starting from the bottom and working upwards.
  • Brush hair when completely dry to minimize shedding.
  • With a commitment to providing one of the best extension experiences, our Beaded Weft Hair Extensions are crafted from 100% natural hair, ensuring durability and strength. Enjoy months of thicker, healthier, and fuller-looking locks with a customized extension experience tailored to your needs. Elevate your hair game with the latest trends in hair extensions at our salon.
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